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The Request to Lead feature lets you ask permission to guide someone in the Space. If they accept, their character will find you in the Space and attach to you so that you can lead them and they don't have to navigate. 

Tip: The Request to Lead feature is helpful when offering tours of a Space or to support neurodivergent guests or others who cannot navigate easily in Gather!

Open the Participants Panel and search for the person you wish to lead. Select their name, and on their info card, select Request to Lead. (You can also open this info card by clicking on a person's name in their video preview.)

Riley's name is selected in the Participants list, and their info card is open. The info card includes Send friend request, a field for messages, locate on map, follow, and request to lead.  From the Participants panel, select the person's name, and from their info card, select Request to Lead.

You can also right click on a person's avatar and select Request to Lead.

Next to Joy is the menu that opens when you right click on someone. The menu shows Start bubble, Follow, Request to Lead, Send chat, and Move here.Right click on the person and select Request to Lead.

The person you've requested to lead sees a pop-up, which asks them if they'd like to follow you and shows them a preview of where you are in the Space. They select Accept if they'd like to be led. They will automatically be taken to wherever you are in the Space, and they won't have to navigate while you lead them.

A Request to Follow modal displays with the text "Riley would like to lead your around the Space. Would you like to follow?" with Decline and Accept buttons.The person you request to lead receives a message asking them if they want to follow you, with a preview of where you're at in the Space. They can accept or decline your request.

To stop following someone, press an arrow key on your keyboard.

Note: Request to Lead isn't available on mobile yet. We are exploring these features for the future!

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