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We're excited that you want to move your team or office to Gather! No matter where you're at in your transition to a remote office—whether you're researching ideas of what might work for your team or you've already started a subscription to Gather—these articles will provide info on how to understand and design the best virtual office. 

You have two options when you start with your remote work office: follow our onboarding flow (from or choose a template and design your own custom office (from

Option 1: Remote Work Onboarding Flow

We have made it as pain-free as possible to hop right into Gather and get started with your team. We offer several office templates catered to the size of your office that include onboarding messages and tips as each new team member enters the Space. 

To get started, just head to! Choose Set up a workspace, then Get Started.

The get-started screen of Gather, where you can choose from Work, Events, or Places to get started.From, choose Set up a workspace for your use case! 

Next, pick the size of your office. Consider how many people will usually be in the office at the same time. Select Confirm Selection

The Office Size screen, with an 18-25 size office selected. A preview of the office Map displays. Choose your office size. The Map preview shows what your new office will look like!

Enter a name for your office, which will be part of the URL (it's best if you don't use spaces or special characters). You can choose to add a password to your office by toggling on Password protect, which will display a field for you to enter a password.

A window displays "Create a new office space for your team" with a Space name field. my-new-office is entered as the name. Password protect is toggled off.Enter a name for your office and select Create space.

If you aren't already signed in, you'll be prompted to do so. Don't have an account? No problem! Just use your Google credentials or sign up with your email. 

A modal reads "Sign up to finish creating your space" with a Sign with Google button and a field to enter your email.Sign in or sign up to finish creating your office. Once you're logged in, select Join the Gathering to hop into your freshly made office. All that's left is to explore and invite your team!

Option 2: Design a Custom Office

If you want to finesse the look and feel of your office, you can design your own custom office. Just head to Choose from one of our ready-made office templates or design your own Space from scratch (Start from blank). Make sure to select that you're building the space for Remote Office!

A view of the template picker, with the Offices section selected. The first office template, Office Complex, is outlined in green. The Space details in the left panel list parts of the template (desks, lobby, beach, conference rooms, rooftop, and diner), how many people the template accommodates (2-25), the type of space (Indoor & Outdoor areas), and the section to name and create your space. Outlined in red is the question: "What are you building this space for?" with the answer "Coworkers/remote team" selected. Step 1 of building your remote office is deciding whether you will Start from blank or select one of Gather's templates. Select Remote office for the purpose of the Space so you'll receive all the built-in remote work features!

The following Remote Work section on Building Your Office will help you make the best choices if you choose to build your own office (versus the onboarding flow). It covers choosing the best layout for your remote office, understanding the features and best practices of office Spaces, building your office in 5 minutes or less, adding a Rec Room, and moving into the next steps of remote work.

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