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Space Analytics give you insights into how your team is using your virtual office. Receive a detailed breakdown of interaction metrics across your workspace to measure adoption, activity, and engagement, and understand the split between unscheduled and scheduled meetings.

Space Analytics are currently only available upon request for customers with an active subscription for a Remote Office Space. Space Analytics are not available for Conference Spaces or Team Social Spaces, and they are not available if you've only purchased a one-time reservation. 


When you request space analytics, we'll give you high-level data about activity and engagement trends in your Gather office. This report includes: 

  • Weekly total unique users
  • Weekly concurrent users
  • Weekly hours of conversation
  • Median conversation length
  • Frequency of short/long conversations
  • Active days in the office by user
  • Onboarding milestones

To request your report, please contact us.

Space Analytics do not include timestamps of when members log in / out of a space. These insights are designed to help you onboard your team and measure engagement with Gather while also respecting employee privacy. 

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