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Tanner Hopkins
Tanner Hopkins
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The Notes feature allows you to leave a thoughtful note for someone's birthday, work anniversary, or for a job well done. To read your note, the recipient will walk up to their desk and see an object they can interact with. Leaving notes is an excellent way to recognize your co-workers and create a sense of community while working from anywhere. 

To leave a note, the recipient must have claimed a desk. Hover over their desk and click on Leave note to bring up the different note options. 

You can drop someone a note by hovering over their desk and clicking Leave note. There are many default note options to choose from to celebrate different kinds of milestones. Click on the gear icon to automatically delete the note after it's read.

Note: This experience is only available for our Remote Work office or Team Social experiences. This is currently not available for Events use cases like conferences.

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