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You can easily move through Gather on a keyboard using the arrow keys or the WASD keys. You can also navigate using your mouse by double clicking on a spot on the Map to walk to it. 

Find Others

To find someone on the Map, you can view the Participants Panel, select a person's name, then choose Locate on Map or Follow. Locate on Map will display a dynamic line that will lead you to wherever the person is. Follow will automatically move you in the Space to the person and will attach you to them so they can lead you through the Space. 

You can also right click (or two-finger click) on anyone in the Space to open a context menu for that person. This menu lets you move to them, follow them, request to lead them, send them a message, or start a bubble. Messages will appear as private messages in the chat panel.

A gif of ways to move in Gather. Riley starts out at the bottom left of the Map, and then the mouse cursor clicks on a spot ahead of him. He automatically walks to that spot. The mouse clicks again, and Riley moves. Then in the Participants panel, the name Sam is selected. A menu opens, and Locate on Map is selected. A black line appears in front of Riley, which he follows to get close to Sam. Then the mouse right clicks on Frank and selects Follow in the menu. Riley moves directly to Frank.You can double click on the Map to automatically move to a location. You can also find someone in the Participants panel, then select their name to Locate on Map or Follow. Right clicking on a character also allows you to move to them, follow them, request to lead them, start a bubble with them, or send them a message.

Interactive Objects

If you walk up to an object and see it glow yellow, the object is interactive. A message displays next to the interactive object that reads "Press x to interact." (It may display more specific text, depending on the type of object and whether the object has a custom prompt message.) Just press the "x" key to engage with the object. 

Note: The "toast" or prompt message for an interactive object displays for approximately 10 seconds.

A view of Riley in front of a guitar next to a group of couches. The guitar is outlined in yellow, and the message "Press x to interact" displays above the guitar.Walk up to an interactive object to see it glow yellow and display a message. Press the "x" key to engage with the object.

You can close the interactive object by pressing the "x" key again or clicking the "x" at the top right of the window or iframe. 

Leave the Gather Tab

By default, Auto Idle Muting is turned on in your User Settings. This means that when you click on a program or browser tab outside of Gather, your audio will automatically mute, and your video will automatically turn off. They will turn on again when you return to the Gather tab. 

A view of the auto idle mute message that displays when you have auto idle mute turned on. The message reads: "You were auto muted while away" and "Gather will automatically turn off video and mute your audio when you're tabbed away." A Got it button displays to accept this message.The Auto Idle Mute message displays the first time you return to your Gather Space after being in another tab or program. 

If you'd like to leave your audio and video on while you're in other tabs or programs, go to Settings (cog icon in the Left Nav Menu or keyboard shortcut Ctrl/⌘+P), and in the Audio & Video section, toggle off Auto Idle Mute.

Tip: If you want to hear any time someone walks up to you in your Gather Space, turn Auto Idle Muting off.

A view of the Settings modal with the User tab active. In the Audio & Video section, Auto Idle Muting displays and is currently toggled on. If you want to keep your audio and video stream on while you are in other tabs or programs, open your Settings, and in the Audio & Video section of the User tab, toggle off Auto Idle Muting

Leave the Space

When you're done using Gather, all you need to do is shut your browser tab. If you have created an account and signed in, you can sign out by clicking the Gather menu, then selecting Sign Out.

A view of the fancy office template. The name in the Bottom Bar (Riley) is outlined in red, with a red arrow pointing above to Sign Out in the menu, which is outlined in red as well.If you are signed in, from the Gather menu, select your name, then select Sign Out.

Keyboard Shortcuts

  • (g) - Enter ghost mode and walk through other participants.
  • (x) - Interact with an object.
  • (z) - Make your avatar dance.
  • (f) - Shoot confetti in the air. (Note: This mode is in testing and is only available to a limited number of users.)
  • (Esc) - Close interaction (e.g., close minimap, close object interaction)
  • (Ctrl/⌘ + P) - Open Settings.
  • (Ctrl/⌘ + Shift + A) - Turn personal mic on/off.
  • (Ctrl/⌘ + Shift + V) - Turn personal video on/off.
  • (Ctrl/⌘ + U) - Turn on/off quiet mode (events Spaces) or Ctrl/⌘+U. When in Do Not Disturb Mode, the status indicator next to your name is red instead of green.
  • (Ctrl/⌘ + Shift + D) - Turn on/off debug mode.
  • (Windows key/Control + N) - Turn on network diagnostics.
  • Alt/Option + mouse drag - Look around the Space.

While you are in a Space, you can press the keys 1-7 to emote! (You can also customize Emotes.)

The game room in Gather. Riley has a hand wave emoji above his head and Sam is dancing. Above the Bottom Bar is the Emote menu which shows the numbers and their related emote.

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