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When you first visit a Gather Space, you get to choose your avatar, the digital character that represents you in the Space. 

Note: Select the Special tab to find seasonal costumes and other limited-time characters!

The character picker shows a tan body with short green hair wearing a green tshirt and red pants. The Accessories tab of the picker is selected, with Hat options in black displaying.The first step when you enter a Gather Space is choosing your avatar. Select options for your body, clothing, and accessories to create the perfect digital character that represents you!

When you've picked the perfect details for your body, clothing, and accessories, select Next Step. Enter a name for your character.

The Name your character modal displays. A person wearing a blue tshirt, grey pants, and a blue baseball hat displays as a preview. Beneath the title, the instructions read "Pick a name for your character - don't worry, you'll be able to customize it after!"Enter a name for your character, then select Finish.

Note: The character you design and name you enter is tied to the Space. This means you can have a different name and character for every Space that you enter. You can always change your name and character at any time, for any Space. You can also set your default character from your homepage.

When you're satisfied with your character and name, select Finish. The Check Your Hair screen (as we call it) displays a preview of your character and a preview of your video feed, with the input/output options for your camera, mic, and speakers. When you're ready to continue, select Join the Gathering.

A view of the Check Your Hair Screen. At the top left, the heading "Welcome Riley" shows. Beneath is a preview of a Gather character. This charater is wearing a blue hat and blue tshirt and grey pants. To the right of the character preview is the video feed preview, which currently displays "You are muted, Your camera is off." Beneath the video feed preview are the device drop-downs for camera, mic, and speaker. Beneath all of this is a Join the Gathering button.The "Check Your Hair" screen shows a preview of your character and name, as well as a preview of your video feed. Here you select your camera, mic, and speaker options. When you're ready, select Join the Gathering

Warning: You must grant permission for Gather to use your camera and mic in the browser. Read more about Browser Settings.

Edit Character & Name

When you return to Gather or visit other Gather Spaces, you can change your name and character in three different places: 

  • Your Gather homepage (
  • The Check Your Hair screen when you first enter a Space
  • The Personal Menu in the Navigation Bar when you are in a Space

Gather Homepage

If you have an account, you can manage your default character in the Top Nav Menu of your Gather homepage. Select your name in the Top Nav Menu. Select the pencil icon to quickly edit your name, or select Edit Character to customize your character.

A view of the Gather home page, which displays six previews of Gather Spaces. In the Top Nav Menu, a drop-down menu is open underneath Riley's name. Edit Character is outlined in red in the menu.From your Gather homepage, select your name in the Top Nav Menu to edit your default name or character.

Note: The name and the character that you select from your homepage will display by default to any new Space you enter. (If you enter a Space you've been in previously, your name and character default to what you had the last time you were in the Space.) 

Check Your Hair Screen

Any time you enter a new Space, you have the opportunity to edit your name and character from the Check Your Hair screen (see screenshot above). Just select the Edit Character button.

Personal Menu in Navigation Bar

You can also change your name and character when you're in the Space. In the Navigation Bar, select your name. The Personal Menu opens. Select Change Character to open the Character Picker and change your character. To change your name, select Edit next to your name in your Personal Menu.

A garden Space in Gather, with the Personal Menu in the Navigation Bar outlined in red, with a red arrow pointing to the open Personal Menu, where you can select Change Character . You can change your character, name, and status from your Personal Menu in the Navigation Bar.

Warning: If you are a guest in a Space that is using a guest list, you may not be able to change your name. Contact the Space Admin or event host and ask them to change or remove your name from the guest list file so that you can control your name.

Edit Status

You can set a status while in Gather. Just select your name in the Navigation Bar of your Space. Enter text in the Status field in your Personal Menu. Select the smiley face icon to add an emoji to your status. 

The Personal Menu is open and the status field is outlined in red. Placeholder text reads Add text status. An icon to add emojis displays next to the placeholder text.Set your status by selecting your name in the Navigation Bar, then entering your status on your Personal Menu.

Your Status displays in the Navigation Bar and in the Participants panel. To clear your status, select the x in the Status field of your Personal Menu.

Red arrows point from the text status in the Personal Menu to where the status displays on the navigation bar and in the Participants panel, beneath your nameYour status displays in the Navigation Bar and in the Participants panel. Just select the to clear your status.

Tip: Using a status can be a helpful way to provide an update about what you're doing (e.g., out to lunch, walking the dog, contemplating life) or what your role is in the Space (e.g., Event Staff, Product Owner, High Priestess of Jank). If your Space has an integrated calendar, your status will also show if you're in a meeting!

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