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Gather must request permission to use your mic and camera. Here's how to check your system preferences to make sure you have a smooth experience in Gather. 

For Mac Users

Open System Preferences and select Security and Privacy.

A view of a Mac desktop wit the System Preferences window open. Security & Privacy is outlined in red in the System Preferences window.

Check both Camera and Microphone to see if your browser has been granted permission. If you have installed the Gather Desktop App, you can also grant it permission. Make sure the padlock is unlocked to make your changes. 


If you want to screen share in Gather, in Security & Privacy, scroll to Screen Recording. Select the browser to provide permissions, or select the plus (+) sign to add your browser.

For more assistance, please refer to these instructions from Apple for setting permissions on an Apple Mac. 

For Windows Users

Go to Start > Settings > Privacy > Camera.

First, make sure you allow access to the camera on your device.


Next, scroll down to Allow desktop apps to access your camera. Make sure this is toggled On and that you can see the browser you're using to access Gather listed below. 


For more assistance, please refer to these instructions from Microsoft for setting permissions on a Windows PC. 

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