Why can't I share my screen?

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If you are having trouble sharing your screen on Gather, start by checking your system permissions. If you've recently run an update, you may need to re-grant permissions. 

Review System Permissions

For Mac Users

Open System Preferences. Select Privacy & Security and then Screen & System Audio Recording.

Mac System Settings.png

This will show the list of applications available to record your screen. If you're using the Gather Desktop App, make sure it's toggled on. If you're using Gather in a browser like Google Chrome, make sure it's toggled on. 

Mac Screen Record Settings.png

After changing the settings, you may need to restart the Gather app or your browser for the changes to take effect.

For Windows Users

Screen share should work without needing to adjust system permissions. Continue on to the next section. 

Further Troubleshooting

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